Dominique Boullier is a Professor of Sociology, member of the Digital Humanities Institute at EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland).

Dominique Boullier holds a PhD in Sociology (EHESS) and Infocom, and a Master of Arts in Linguistics. He is an expert in Digital Technologies, especially in Social Networks, Politics of Digital Architecture in Organizations, Digital Cities and Digital Methods in social sciences.

He published many papers, surveys and books on the practices of readers, on print and digital formats. He published on this topic, in 2018, Le livre-échange (C&F éditions, with M. Le Béchec et M. Crépel).

He founded and directed a company in the 90’s and many labs, including the Medialab of SciencesPo (together with Bruno Latour) and LUTIN Userlab (a test beds in user experience).

He published a manual, Sociologie du numérique (Paris, Armand Colin, 2016), and many papers on a theory of replications and how to track propagations in order to build a third generation of social sciences.

Website: https://www.boullier.bzh/



How circulation of books generates value through replications in the digital and non digital worlds

Stocks are now challenged by flows in libraries and in the socal life of books in general. However the flows are too often restricted to logistics issues or to online conversations. Our surveys and observations on the circulation of books (literature or scientific ones) emphasize the critical role played by collective activities of discussion, exchanges, critics, comments, annotations, and gifts, either on print or digital versions of the publications. Publishing and curating should now focus on enhancing the creativity of readers who become contributors and generate replications of contents, thus favoring an unexpected kind of bibliodiversity. 

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