Introducing our new sponsor : Métopes

The organizers of Elpub2019 Conference would like to thank Métopes for its support.

Métopes­ is­ an­ infrastructure­ designed­ for­ publishers­ and­ to­ serve­ the­ editorial­ activities­ of­ all­ higher­ education­ and­ research­ institutions.­

In­ the­ current­ transition­ context ­from ­print­ (subscription-based) business­ models­ to digital open access, it provides methods and a set of tools to enable the creation of structured editorial content repositories and to help scholarly publishers to manage the transformation of the publishing and distribution functions in­ keeping­ as­ closely­ as ­possible­ with­ their goals ­and­ missions­ of­ research­ results and datas dissemination. Therefore, its aim is to ensure an optimal circulation ­and ­availability­ of­ scholarly ­writings­ both ­online ­(in ­archives­ and­ on­ platforms)­ and­ in­ print­ (as­ books­ or­ journals­ available­ in­ bookshops,­ in­ libraries or directly to private persons) and to increase the international visibility­ of ­French ­public­ scientific­ publishing ­output.

It­ is­ a monitoring,­ development­ and­ training­ technological­ infrastructure­ dedicated­ to ­those ­who produce ­edited­ contents and datas­ outputs.­ It­ provides­ them­ with­ methods­ and­ tools­ to­ implement­ a­ standard­ (based­ on­ the­ Text­ Encoding­ Initiative­ vocabulary)­ to­ encode­ published­ content­ as­ standardized,­ reconfigurable,­ sustainable­ digital­ collections­ with ­rich­ metadata­ and­ high­ interoperability ­potential. 

It enables ­publishers­ to ­control ­the ­full­ ownership­ of their digital collections and thus meet the challenge of achieving reasonable open access publishing in full autonomy and sovereignty.



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